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Long overdue update I know! Not streamed in ages or submitted either and likely some of you noticed my fave and run tactics again :XD: I won't lie, it'll happen with me from time to time. I do want to keep up to date though so I can keep talking to everyone. So yeah I'm still here! Still working at a crappy call center job for four years now, too many video games to play and helping Ash recover from her health problems. 2016 can suck a fart out me right now I swear... :/

If my luck holds up I'll be working at nearly finished pieces and start the digitization of ones that have been scanned now for a good few months without being touched yet >>; So I wish you all well and hope your 2016 has gone much more smoothly than mine has 8D;


Thanks kindly to everyone for the birthday wishes! ^^ I'm a really old fart now, well kinda XD
Well...that happened. SKT the giants have fallen as the League of Legends champs to SSG in a 3-0 stomp. They were not playing their best this year, it was obvious, but I didn't expect them to be so broken afterwards. Faker in particular who could barely pull himself together for SSG to shake his hand, but he did for the sake of respect so I can't fault him there.

The SSG fans or even anti-SKT people were being quite dickish about it all over the comments but what do you expect? LoL is a damn toxic game and people are just cunts. Not all of them are like that but still, I'd like to see them perform well with such stupidly high expectations dropped on them. Roll on Season 8!
Does anyone know where to find barefoot models for use in Gmod? I used to have a few of them but lost them during PC swapping and I can't remember the site I used to have. They might have been outdated due to the changes made to Gmod but I just felt like dicking about with some sexy ass models. Or if anyone suggests a better program for it, I'll all ears! As long it comes with good instructions. XD
Edit: The picture has been removed. The comments speak for themselves.

There's just some shit you do not do:

You don't fucking do this. Fictional character or not, you're promoting child molestation. Even if you claim someone else suggested it to you, you still drew it. Kindly report this. This is unacceptable. And if dA keeps allowing it then they're saying they're OK with this kind of content. I don't think the rest of us are.
Lash Sanguine
It's everyone's favourite wolfie nut-job! I hope? Maybe.

Now I know for a fact this will likely get fave-bombed, coz look at her. I love my Lash I do, but my god this community is full of pervs! :XD: This is part of my plan to re-do my characters in terms of appearance as well as backstory. I've written up at least 3 characters in full already but I love Lash the most out of my girls because I always modeled her as the kinda girl I was always interested in so she got the appearance re-design first. Took a lot of work and I tried doing a few things differently. I'll see what happens in the future to see if I stick with it or not. If you think she's not much different, look at her old profile: Bio - Lash Sanguine by Demon-Without-Horns

I'd like to think I got better, and I've updated her look to be a bit more metalhead-like. For any of those interested, I've also uploaded her full bio here in my Stash:


No Preview

Lash Sanguine © Demon-Without-Horns


I Am Spartacus!
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This is mostly fetish work, not for everyone, so leave if its made you uncomfortable. I also do not do requests and art trades are for close friends only. Thank you!


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